Red Carpet

Red Carpet Events

Allow your guests to feel like a celebrity for a night with our red carpet service. Guests are photographed on their way into the event, in front of a customized red carpet backdrop and crimson carpet. Our team will print the photos on site and assemble the frames by hand, so that each guest can pick up their unique and personalized gift at the end of the evening. Organizers must provide us with a list of all the guests and their names in order to make sure that everyone gets a photo, and that no one is missed. We will provide all the necessary equipment and do the appropriate setup to ensure that your event is a smash hit.

From the red carpet backdrop, to the print size, to the size and style of the frame, no red carpet event is alike, but each is just as fabulous as the next.

Our red carpet service includes:

  • Frames
  • Red Carpet Backdrop
  • Prints
  • A photographer exclusively for the red carpet event

The size of the photo can vary depending on the size of the frame. You can choose between 4”x6” or 5”x7” prints.

Red Carpet Backdrop

The backdrop is completely customizable. We offer crystal backgrounds, various damask patters, or a custom-printed jersey cloth backdrop that usually includes the couple’s name and the date of the event.

Red Carpet Rental

For further information regarding our red carpet service, please contact us by phone at 514.328.8831 or by email at